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  FRUIT (A)-Single Light Switch Plate
Only $16.95

New Form


Cantave Casseus' dream of having a place where artist from around the Caribbean could display their work and reach an awaiting public was officially launched in 1993 with a press conference and a National Art Show. We have been growing ever since.

From the beginning when the idea was just a dream, we’ve created and supported works in various styles and mediums. United Caribbean Arist Gallery has stayed true to Island flavor and we remain focused on reflecting an abstract island style, in tropical images and village life available through many different mediums.

Support for United Caribbean Artist Gallery comes from the efforts and work of many. "I work with Galleries and individuals from all over the world to share our dream, " says Cassues. The variety of style in our art shows mature and powerful personal visions. The village life themes show the very realistic struggles and success of daily life. These images are available on various sizes of canvas using a wide variety of mediums from natural dies to acrylic and traditional oils.

Some of the most popular works at United Caribbean Dream Artist Gallery are our metal sculpture pieces. In addition to being works of art, some of these designs are made into functional items such as light switches, welcome signs, baskets, colorful napkin holders and clocks. Our artists use designs which incorporate jungle birds, beautiful tropical flowers, exotic colorful fish, butterflies, palm trees, abundant island fruit, hard working men and women and scenes from their local villages.

Despite the hardships and political trauma suffered by the people of many Caribbean countries, they remain a wellspring of creativity and imagination.

Enjoy your tour of our joyous Gallery. It is through the dreams of many that your pleasure will come. Find a piece for yourself, your home and office, or perhaps a gift for your friends and family. Our handcrafted metal pieces begin at a reasonable $10 and original paintings on canvas start at $75. Naturally, pricing depends on size and/or style. The United Caribbean Art Gallery Inc. is a physical space for creation, exhibition, and an exchange of art and creation. I welcome you.

Cantave Casseus
Artist, Mentor, Tutor, Creator